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the country that has it all

"All you need is Ecuador" - the country's famous tourism slogan does not disappoint. While the country may be small, it's home to an incredible amount of microclimates and ecosystems. From the arid Andes mountain range to the thick and sticky Amazon rainforest and finally the mega-diverse Galápagos Islands 600 miles of the coat of mainland Ecuador, you can find almost anything under the sun. And don't forget the sun itself, as you get up close and personal con el sol on the equator line. Not only does Ecuador offer an impressive amount of diversity with its flora, fauna and landscapes but also culturally and linguistically. Like many Latin America countries, Ecuador has a variety of native indigenous populations along with a long and complicated history from ancient times, through colonialism, and into the present day, making it not only a beautiful and fun destination to visit, but a fascinating one as well.

Our Ecuador tour begins with a 7 day/7 night tour throughout northern Ecuador. During our time in the capital city of Quito we will settle into a cozy boutique hotel in the charming historic center while also exploring hip modern neighborhoods and visiting the middle of the world at the equator line. From there, we will journey to the Andean town of Cotopaxi known for its massive volcano that stands just shy of 20,000 ft at its peak. While in Cotopaxi, we will stay in the beautiful Hacienda Santa Ana, previously a Jesuit monastery. Located in the gorgeous countryside, it's situated close to the Pedregal Elementary school which we will visit to learn more about rural education in Ecuador and to deliver a donation as part of our community focused travel program.



Upon returning from Cotopaxi, we will spend another night in Quito before heading to the mountain town of Otavalo. Known for its market in the town center, Otavalo is full of culture and tradition along with modern innovation and a budding entrepreneur scene. During our time in Otavalo we will meet with local artisans, musicians and a local healer as we immerse ourselves in the local culture. We will also check out the upcoming entrepreneur scene with a visit to a local craft brewery and an organic farm. After our time in the Andes travelers can add on a package to visit the Galápagos Island and/or an Amazon jungle lodge to explore more of Ecuador's flora and fauna. Please see slideshow below for more details!