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Relax as you master Energy Healing Basics with wellness expert, practitioner, author, inspirational speaker and artist, Sherry Remez,while learning about a new country and culture! Join us on a week-long retreat in the beautiful Central American country of Guatemala. Here we will integrate travel and cultural immersion with the incredible healing techniques developed and perfected by our retreat director, Sherry Remez. Open up your heart and mind to adventure and the transformative powers of travel and CHI-energy.

At the Crossroads of Ancient Healing Wisdom and New Science and Medicine; this “work” represents the new frontier of Integral Medicine. You will create your own “Glorious Gratitude” mala, learn terrific self-empowering practices, methods, meditation techniques & mindfulness tools--including a powerful Chi-gong ("chee-gong"), in place, movement meditation adaptable to all levels of fitness or age.  You will re-awaken your innate inner energy resources and direct them for your highest good, and participate in discussion of how mindset supports (or interferes with) a successful journey to Wellness. Ultimately, you will gain a deep understanding of how CHI-energy functions as Love—the love to Be, the Love to Thrive and the Love to Love.

All is approached light-heartedly with warmth and humor and *the effectiveness of this Program is recognized by the Veterans Administration, Wounded Warriors Project, and Kaiser Permanente. 


Sherry’s background in Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness includes over three decades of energy healing work, successfully initiating and directing the Vital Life Energy known as CHI/Qi /Ki/Prana/ etc.) for stress relief, gaining emotional and mental balance, releasing physical pain and suffering and inspiring mindful re-awakening that produces harmony and balance with everyday life.

She is an advanced practitioner, and elder, holding and sharing the wisdom of observation and experience gleaned in her 76 years. Transmitting gentle, yet profound methods for healing, HEART, MIND & HANDS™ is an integrated mindbody approach to profound well-being which includes innovative applications of Chi-Gong, a 5,000-old technology endorsed by modern physics and medicine.

Developed over the last 32 years, Sherry's Heart-centered program gently guides you inwardly to access your profound capacity for self-healing that you can continue to invoke in your daily life, long after our wondrous journey.  CHI-energy, functioning through a Heart of Compassion and Gratitude unites mind/body, emotions and spirit into joyful wellness and well-being.