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At the Heart of Travel we have a true commitment to cultivating positive relationships with local communities and upholding high ethical standards on all of our tours. All of our trips include at least one visit to one of our sister communities and we are always looking for new ways to support the people that make the countries we visit special. Apart from working to build long term relationships and creating travel experiences that provide local communities with sustainable ways to boost their economy while sharing their cultural and communities with visitors, The Heart of Travel is happy to participate in a variety of fundraising efforts!



Mexico City and surrounding areas, and many parts of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, were both devastated by multiple earthquakes in September of 2017. We are currently donating a portion of trip proceeds to grassroots organizations working on relief and rebuild efforts. Our girl Dominique, La Mariposa Vagabunda, has put together an incredible project and you can read all about it and how you can get involved here. 

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Our hearts are heavy for all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, especially in Houston, TX.  We ran a promotional period where we donated $25 per trip registration to the non profit organization, Yellow Boots, which provides disaster relief around the U.S. and were able to send them $175. 

funds for school in ecuador

On our trip to Ecuador in September, 2017 we visited a local elementary school in the Cotopaxi region of the country. In an effort to make a measurable and lasting impact we donated a projector to their technology department so students can learn more through videos, articles, online encyclopedias, etc. to deepen their understanding of the global world we live in! With the left over funds we put together school supplies packets for the 30 students. We are looking forward to returning in March of 2018!


In August of 2017 we had a fundraising event in Sacramento, CA to raise money for Casa Flor Ixcaco's efforts to get all of their youth to college! We are so happy to have raised over $1100 and will be taking it down to the community in mid September! A huge thanks to all the sponsors, donors and attendees!


In March of 2017 the city of Lima, Perú was hit hard by some intense rains which resulted in flooding and
destruction, especially on the outskirts of the city where the homes aren't built to withstand such natural disasters. Our partner down in Lima, Jhony, was doing a fundraiser and we decided to get involved and were able to send down an over $400 dollars to the cause. Thanks to our amazing donors!