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“I've been on two trips of about a dozen people each that were organized and lead by Chelsea, one to Guatemala and the other to Peru. Chelsea worked very hard before, during, and all the way home to ensure that we had the best experience with the least hassles humanly possible at the most reasonable prices available. She speaks fluent Spanish and has a winning, though assertive personality which enabled her to deal with any issues that came up with local transportation or accommodations before they became problems.  Chelsea is adventuresome and will take you into the very center of a huge local market to bargain for things you won't see anywhere else, or soak in a hot spring in a jungle river, if that's what you want.  If not, she will have something else planned for you to do.  Most important, she is a fun, positive person who will make your day brighter wherever you may be.  I hope to make as many more trips with Chelsea as circumstances allow”  


                                                              - David McReynolds

"As a first time traveler with Chelsea, I was impressed with her dedication to making our trip to Cuba great and all the arrangements seamless. We were all surprised by the death of Fidel on the day before our departure, but Chelsea worked with our guide in Cuba to find many fun things to do when the original itinerary was not available due to the death of Fidel. She is indeed full of adventure and her fluency with Spanish makes her an ideal person to guide one through the countries of Latin America!"

                                                              - Larry and Kathy Rodriguez

"I have travelled twice with Chelsea in 2015 on trips she led to Guatemala (8 days) and to Peru (11 days).  I regret I couldn't find the opportunity to go on the many more trips she has arranged. Chelsea is fully fluent in Spanish and has deep knowledge of many Spanish-speaking countries.  She shares this knowledge enthusiastically throughout her trips and uses it to prepare wonderful itineraries.  She is very conscientious and works very hard to take care of everyone's concerns and maximize their fun and opportunities for cultural learning.


I got a moderate flu bug in Peru that left me out of sorts for a few days and she was always ready to provide or arrange for help at a moments notice while still leading the rest of the group onward. Traveling under Chelsea's guidance and expertise is a great experience.  I always have confidence that we'll have great fun and experiences, learn a lot, and will be in very competent hands.  She is assertive when necessary and always graceful, and in two languages, no less.  Chelsea has impressed me greatly with all aspects of caring for a group of diverse travelers in a foreign country.  I would highly recommend her as a travel guide for your next amazing adventure."    - Steve Mackey

"Our group arrived in Havana the day after the former dictator died. For 9 days the country was in mourning. For us that meant activities cancelled or rearranged, hours changed for money exchange and internet card purchases, and difficulty getting a glass of wine with a meal! For Chelsea, it meant a lot of extra work keeping us happy and getting to see everything promised. Chelsea was great. Her fluency in Spanish was essential since our Cuban guide was busy rescheduling. We relied on Chelsea to help bargain, find our way around, and relate our needs and questions to the hosts at our casa particulares. Chelsea was fun and adventurous. If we swam, she swam. If we hiked to the top of a tower, so did she. If we stayed out late looking for a wifi hotspot or a cocktail, she was right there with us. If you have a chance, go with Chelsea. We will."

                                                                                                                                                        - Jonel Jorgensen 

“Chelsea and the team from Heart of Travel know how to make a good trip great. She speaks the language, she knows the people and she has first hand experience with many of the countries in Central and South America. If you love to travel - seek out Heart of Travel”​  


- Dan Jacobson

"I traveled with Chelsea to Peru, which ended up being an amazing trip! She led a group of us through the country to some amazing sights and experiences. Chelsea has a talent for navigating Latin America with strong Spanish and a solid understanding of the culture. She routinely handled any unexpected change in travel arrangements which made the trip for the group relatively care free. I hope to book a trip with her again!"

                                              - Courtland Fisher

"Last year Chelsea planned and guided a trip to Peru. The trip was fabulous!  Her attention to detail was evident every step of the way.  She identified key sites and activities that were memorial and meaningful.  It was obvious she had communicated in advance with agencies and travel liaisons, as there were local guides and transportation awaiting us at each site. As first time travelers to South America, Chelsea’s language skills and effective communications and her ability to anticipate potential issues allayed our concerns. A trip with Chelsea is more than site seeing; it’s a memory maker and cultural experience.  We look forward to traveling with Chelsea again."  

                  - Jan and Gary Gregson

“I have been a guest on two trips organized and led by Chelsea (to Guatemala and to Peru). Each trip was very well organized and led. The itineraries, accommodations, travel arrangements, and guides were all first rate. Chelsea is gregarious, adventurous, unflappable, and resourceful, and she speaks beautiful Spanish. She has an ability to connect with everyone on the trip and put them at ease. I would recommend without hesitation any trip she was leading.”

                                                                                    - Tom Busch 

"As a frequent traveler and lover of more "exotic" locales, I place my trip to Guatemala led by Chelsea in 2014 among my top travel experiences. Chelsea speaks such fluent Spanish that the Guatemalans treat her as one of their own. This makes for unique and special experiences and smooth traveling "like a native." Chelsea's organizational skills are remarkable and no detail is left unattended. We marveled at the superior accommodations, meal and activities that she was able to arrange as part of our package price. Her ability to satisfy the needs of various travelers within the group was impressive. My final word: GO!! As for myself, it was my first trip with Chelsea but I'm confident that it will not be my last."

                                                                                                                                                             - Sally Mastos

"Chelsea is a first-class and world-class all encompassing thoughtful tour guide. Her many moments of clarity and foresight saved time on the road and made the sweet trip even more dulce. She picks up on people's concerns immediately and addresses them by going out of her way to solve any perceived discomfort. We all felt very fortunate to be in her flexible and skillful care. I would go on another trip with her in a heartbeat, and I hope to do just that! She is the best!"

                                                          - Shelley Rink

"I had the pleasure of traveling to Guatemala with Chelsea between July and August of 2016. I have traveled out of country with other groups in the past and found that the travel arrangements and personal touch that Chelsea provides surpassed my previous experiences. Our group was in Guatemala for a ten day period over which time we visited several locations and archaeological sites. All arrangements went smoothly and never was there a time when I felt rushed or as if I didn’t have enough time to explore. As well, since I was in Guatemala I wanted to stay for an additional week after the main group departed so that I could attend one of the Spanish language schools. Chelsea helped tremendously with recommendations and arranging transportation for my flight home once that additional week was complete. Chelsea is very organized and a great facilitator. I would definitely travel with Chelsea again in the future and am looking forward to other adventures."  - Ed Davila